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ORC Banger Team Championship - Mildenhall - Sunday 9th November 2008

Many thanks to Michael Coventry for this report, for more RDC info check out their excellent official website

AS=Autospeed, BX=Buxton, IN=Incarace, MN=Mendips, PR=PRI, RD=RDC, SK=Skegness, SP=Spedeworth, TS=TSR

The annual ORC team championship returned to Mildenhall for the first time since 1999 on November 23 and raised a decent field of 71 2litre bangers spread over nine teams as it very disappointing to report a complete no show from Startrax and GMP while Incarace were the only teams short of a full squad of eight. On the car front the Mondeo was far and away the favoured tool but the entire field was in front wheel drive powered machinery. Despite all the rain during the week it was great to see the track in fine condition which helped produce some lively racing. 

It was four cars per team for all the heats and we had 35 starters for the opener and BX57 Stu Cumming made his intentions clear as he ran in PR331 Jason Jackson from the word go. SP741 Luke Parfitt attacked SK807 Chris Murfin (Bluebird) and IN189 Richard Myrshall (Bluebird) fenced PR188 Matt Fuller. RD137 Jay Chilton powered into IN362 Matt Godden (Bluebird estate) and buried the Midlands young gun to boot with the latter taking a barrage of abuse from AS207 Michael Woodward and MN363 Sam Trim in the following seconds. TS902 Tony Lowther stuffed MN51 John Worsencroft (Bluebird) before SK337 Ashley Garrod followed SP730 Dean Mayes in well in an all Vauxhall encounter. TS525 Wes Starmer opened his account with a stiff hit on MN364 Darren Feltham before SK128 Andy Lack (Bluebird) stuck it to 363 Trummer. 57 Dino again set about 331 Boxer as he followed him into the luckless Feltham which in turn claimed BX470 Pete Corbet (Primera) as AS452 Anthony Sleeman followed 807 Murf in nicely and a pile-up formed on the road bend. SP202 Mike Kilford buried Chilton as TS88 Ash Burton treated SP516 Carl Gould (Vectra) to a package and MN418 Ben Edwards (Primera) blasted 452 Lurch hard. TS212 Richard Maryon had a pop at Chilton but ran into Feltham's wreck which fired the RDC young gun up to nail Edwards with a massive T-bone before he blasted Lurch. The reds then came out for Edwards who was in trouble on the back straight but Chilton was already committed and blasted him just after the reds, causing him to be disqualified and receive a warning. 128 Lacky took the win but a second and third for RD82 Wayne Quinn and RD898 Andy Battle (Vectra) gave the home team the early lead. 

35 cars again for the second heat and things began with RD401 Steve Hemmings meeting the spun SP439 Danny Sutton on the nose as TS103 John Seex (Cavalier) fenced AS66 Dave Spooner and SK515 Gareth Flatts treated BX93 Paddy O'Reilly (Primera estate) to a head-on. IN118 Jason Anslow (Cavalier) hammered AS802 Lee Holland (Bluebird) while the recovered 66 Spoons stuffed 401 Psycho before IN70 Simon Needle slaughtered O'Reilly with a rated blitz. BX05 Carlos Perez nailed SK349 Michael Allard and Spoons put away 188 Smoker allowing Allard to home in for a storming T-bone on the latter. Psycho took a head-on from MN396 Scott Mowlam (Bluebird) while BX252 John Wibberley followed AS80 Matt Butley in hard in an all Bluebird encounter. Perez also bashed Psycho head-on but RD602 Shaun Cooper made him pay with a hard hit. PR530 Danny Stevens powered into 602 Mr Moody in turn with the latter aiming for SP264 Mark Welland (Cavalier) and treated him to a solid shot. Spoons then dumped Allard into the luckless Psycho before MN58 Martin Dalton (Primera) stuffed TS361 Chris Walden's Rover into the pit bend heap. Smoker was stuffed by AS46 Cliff Friend allowing Spoons to weigh in on the latter as 252 Wibbsy nailed Seex and IN6 Mark Holdsworth buried Dalton. Smoker bounced back and treated Allard to a big revenge head-on with Friend laying into the latter as Mr Moody leathered Smoker with an almighty hit which snapped the PRI mans Mondeo big time. Mr Moody continued to bury Mowlam which also claimed Stevens and the Acclaim of SK311 Gary Lown with Mr Moody ending the action with a further attack on Stevens. IN222 Matt Logan (Cavalier) took the win from team mate Holdsworth to put Incarace right into contention while BX200 Steve Farrell finished third. 

Just one less for the third heat and no let up in the action. 200 Noon took first blood with a head-on to Myshrall allowing PR209 Tom Waller to blast the former but he took one in turn from RD379 Adrian Clifton with the final heat burying Godden and Murf as a result. Chilton now zeroed in for a hard hit on Waller 212 Mario attacked Perez but took one in turn from PR208 Jimmy Randall as Noon crashed into the concrete blocks hard as AS207 Michael Woodward powered into 379 the Worm who dult targeted Noon for a shot as IN800 Tom Hannah (Bluebird) followed AS719 Chris Storey (Cavalier) well. 208 the Finger hit back on the Worm as Myshrall stuffed 82 Quinny into the aforementioned pairing with Lurch picking out the Worm for a hard head-on. Mario stuffed Goldsmith as Murf and Quinny met on the nose, 207 Como blasting the former only to take one in turn from the Finger who was nailed himself by Starmer. Boxer evened the score on Dino with a killer hit but the latter quickly brushed it off and nailed the Finger as 264 Wellard buried Boxer. Quinny hit Godden on opposite but took a fierce revenge T-bone from 70 the Needle as Starmer put away Mowlman and Noon blasted the Finger with a T-bone. Battle stayed out of trouble and took the win with 741 Capt D and Perez the placemen with Spedeworth just in front of TSR and RDC at this stage. 

Despite the action levels in the previous races the final heat still attracted 32 starters and Battle was the first to show by powering into Stevens as a pile-up quickly formed on the road bend. TS88 Ash Burton buried Goldsmith into 361 Wally before Stevens came under attack from the Worm while 202 Kilf had a rough ride, buried by Dino before Allard connected with a head-on. The Needle then delivered his second massive hit of the day as he blew up Allard before Psycho blasted the Incarace entertainer in turn. Spoons attacked Perez but took a swift revenge hit from Dino as the Worm again assaulted Stevens and TS333 James Cooke (Bluebird) buried the Civic of MN517 Scott Weldon but again revenge was quick thanks to Dalton. SP247 Lee Clarke stuffed 88 Ace Ash resulting in the latter taking a fierce, albeit probably not intended, T-bone from the leading Capt D. PR88 Josh Fuller ran 333 the Captain into Capt D as 363 Trummer blasted Dino with a large T-bone and Goldsmith met Psycho on the nose allowing PR88 Splosh to blast the latter. Battle raced to his second win of the day and celebrated with a shot on Goldsmith. 247 Bro and Spoons were the placemen and thus Spedeworth led heading into the final where they were joined by RDC, TSR, Incarace and Buxton. 

Sadly the rain which had been threatening all day was falling in time for the final with the top five teams raising 28 cars between them and full marks to Spedeworth and TSR who returned all eight cars. The race started quietly with many struggling with the conditions as Battle attacked Bro and Psycho buried Dino only to be fenced in turn by Wibbs. Psycho shrugged it off and buried Wally as Lowther followed Capt D in hard on the pit bend. Chilton blasted SP348 Sonny Sherwood hard as Wellard assaulted Battle and Psycho misjudged an attack on Starmer as he fenced himself hard. Mario clipped a dead car and fenced himself and Perez arrived for a meaty T-bone while Quinny laid into the lurking 348 Mushy. The highly rated Psycho blasted Perez and buried him to boot but took a revenge hit from Dino in turn as Anslow stuffed 516 Gouldy. Psycho again stuck it to Dino but took a hefty hit from Ace Ash in turn but it mattered little as the Worm drove well from pole to the win and was shadowed home by Quinny and Battle in a top result for the home team which saw them take the title by a big margin in the end, Spedeworth second and TSR and Incarace finishing on even points for third. 

Just eight returned for the demo with full credit to PRI who fielded half the entry but PR200 Wayne Holton (Cavalier) was disqualified for failing to get onto the track after immediately pulling off. Murf attacked Stevens with the Worm also laying into the latter's mangled Mondeo only to take one from Mushy in turn. Murf blasted Psycho hard as the Worm and Waller enjoyed a head-on only for Murf to blast the former with Noon zeroing in for a head-on to the Worm. Mushy nailed the Blooz Boy in tuirn as 200 Skippy rejoined but took a head-on from the Worm and a packed from Mushy. Stevens scored on Murf as Mushy hammered the Worm only to take one from the Finger. This allowed the Worm to recover and T-bone the Finger, the Worm then taking head-ons from Noon and the Finger with Mushy T-boning the latter. The Worm continued to fight and hit Stevens on the nose but was T-boned by Mushy but he carried on for a head-on with Stevens. The Finger blasted the Worm finally finishing the latter leaving the Finger to trade several hits with Mushy, a final head-on leaving the latter the victor. 

Heat one: SK128 Andy Lack, RD82, RD898, SP202, TS88, TS902, IN189, SP741, PR88, SP516
Heat two: IN222 Matt Logan, IN6, BX200, SP264, IN70, MN198, MN58, MN396, PR530, TS103
Heat three: RD898 Andy Battle, SP741, BX05, TS902, MN396, TS525, TS212, SP202, BX57, TS88
Heat four: Battle, SP247, AS66, SP202, TS361, PR88, BX200, RD401, TS107
Grand Final: RD379 Ade Clifton, RD82, RD898, IN6, IN118, SP264, TS361, TS525, TS212, SP516
Destruction Derby: SP348 Sonny Sherwood from PR208

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