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2 Litre Bangers - Northampton - Sunday 26th October 2008

Many thanks to Dave Goddard for this report

Northamptonís season closing 2 Litre bash on October 26th attracted a decent field of 24 cars, including several visitors from RDC, Spedeworth, TSR and Standlake. The entry included a pair of Sierras for 67 Rickie Beasley and 398 James McCarthy with the latter failing to race, but top car was the Porsche 924 of 253 Tony Last.

With a few late arrivals 15 cars lined up for a quiet heat one with 715 Mick Prince (Primera) attacking 87 Ryan Jacksonís Bluebird as 294 Alan Tarn (Bluebird) put away 88 Ash Burtonís Mk3 Cavalier. 65 Richard Giddens (Bluebird) hit the spun 147 Darren Griffin (Mk3 Cavalier) on the nose before Giddens spun 47 Martin Hallís Belmont setting him up for a head-on from Prince. TSRís 515 Gareth Flatters found time to run in Giddens en route to a flag to flag win in his Mondeo estate ahead of 741 Luke Parfitt (Mondeo) and 391 Adam Bligdonís Rover 216 with visiting drivers taking the top five places.

Result: 515 Gareth Flatters, 741 Luke Parfitt, 391 Adam Bligdon, 348 Sonny Sherwood, 898 Andy Battle, 294 Alan Tarn, 730 Deane Mayes, 218 Lee Clelland, 22 Chris Deverick, 715 Mick Prince.

A slightly larger field for heat two with 515 Flats picking up 22 Chris Deverickís Bluebird and following it in nicely from the off as Jackson put himself away after a failed attack on 391 Little Spikey and 595 Andrew Tarn (Mk3 Cavalier) took 387 Glyn Stantonís tidy Mk2 version onto the infield. 730 Deane Mayes (Calibra) turfed 13 Darren Kingstonís Mk2 Cavalier into the wall as 348 Sonny Sherwood (Mk3 Cavalier) reeled in and passed 898 Andy Battleís Calibra to take the spoils with 6 Mark Holdsworth (Mondeo) third.

Result: 348 Sonny Sherwood, 898 Andy Battle, 6 Mark Holdsworth, 741 Luke Parfitt, 730 Deane Mayes, 67 Rickie Beasley, 13 Darren Kingston, 715 Mick Prince, nof.

14 cars for the final with 595 Drew Boy firing Little Spikey into the home straight wall from the off only to take instant payback from Stanton who was nailed by 13 the Hulk in turn, the latter then blasted by 22 Skippy as 348 Mushy buried 253 Taz (who was in his first race) finishing the Porsche within half a lap. The reds then came out with Drew Boy stuck across the home straight although he was OK, and the race resumed with 308 Kev Baxter (Mk3 Cavalier) burying the Hulk as Flats was run in by 294 Tarny and the Hulk took further stick from the leading Holdsworth. Flats gained revenge on Tarny with a stiff burial on turn two with Prince doing likewise to Skippy which sadly left the latter with broken ribs. The race continued with Mushy passing Holdsworth for his second win with 741 Captain D taking third and the DD began in fading light. Drew Boy met Prince in a meaty head-on finishing both cars with 730 Mazie Jnr doing likewise to Baxter before polishing off the obliging Beasley for the spoils.

Result: 348 Sonny Sherwood, 6 Mark Holdsworth, 741 Luke Parfitt, 730 Deane Mayes, 898 Andy Battle, 67 Rickie Beasley, 218 Lee Clelland, 715 Mick Prince, 308 Kevin Baxter, nof. DD: 730 Deane Mayes from 67 Rickie Beasley.

A steady session with one or two good hits to wrap up a Brafield season that promised much, but largely failed to deliver.

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