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2 Litre Bangers Halloween Spooktacular - Birmingham - Saturday 25th October 2008

Many thanks to Dave Goddard for this report

Just over 20 cars arrived for Birmingham’s annual Halloween session, including a pair of visitors from the Warton-based Raiders squad, plus a squadron of Scrapyard Screamers, a few from Trent Raceway and a couple of newcomers. The 2 Litre limit meant that there was nothing of interest on the car front.

16 cars for heat one with 394 Dan Field powering his tidy Mondeo into 149 Paul Gore (Primera) early on as 71 Gareth Tooth’s Mondeo estate was run in by 152 Robin Baughan (Cavalier), while 99 Jason Jukes (Primera estate) followed in the Mondeo of 208 Matt Portsmouth before blasting the spun 264 Shaun Richards (Bluebird) over the back wheel. Field dealt out a hard shot to Jukes in revenge for the attack on Portsmouth as 132 Chris Cullum (Mondeo) spun 656 Adam Joyce’s Bluebird estate leaving him open to a big hit from 299 Dale Locker (Mondeo estate). 251 Gareth Hoskin (Primera) spun Baughan into the banking, the latter recovering to join 72 (Bluebird) in attacking 360 Edward Spink’s Bluebird as 222 Matt Logan raced his Cavalier to the flag ahead of Cullum and Legends regular 100 Russell Bull’s Rover 216.

Result: 222 Matt Logan, 132 Chris Cullum, 100 Russell Bull, 251 Gareth Hoskin, 71 Gareth Tooth, 152 Robin Baughan, 299 Dale Locker, nof.

A similar field for heat two with Joyce attacking Logan from the off as 149 the Duck fired into 393 Steve Fullwood’s smart Primera leaving the latter open to a shot over the front wheel from Joyce. 472 Matt Cooke (Primera) then went in on the Duck piling the Warton man into the back straight wall as team mate 449 Mark Thomas (Bluebird) blew up Field before attacking Hoskin only to get it all wrong and put himself into the pit gate allowing 70 Simon Needle (Cavalier) to deliver a big roof bender ending Thomas’s night. Bull took the flag this time ahead of Cullum and 472 Matty.

Result: 100 Russell Bull, 132 Chris Cullum, 472 Matt Cooke, 118 Jason Anslow, 393 Steve Fullwood, 251 Gareth Hoskin, 70 Simon Needle, nof.

14 cars for the final with Locker straight up the back of Bull before nailing Hoskin after the latter had run in Fullwood, the latter then taking further abuse from Cullum who then took a revenge shot from Tooth. 118 Jason Anslow (Mondeo) then buried Matty only to take one over the front wheel from Tooth who was then done by the impressive Locker. Logan then hit Bull as Field picked up Matty and ran him in hard on the first bend with 70 the Needle blowing up Field in turn. 72 was then turfed into the wall by Logan leaving him open to a big shot from the Needle as Field took further stick from Cullum with Fullwood exacting revenge on the Scrapyard Screamer. The leading Logan was spun by Anslow but managed to back his attacker into the wall before rejoining and racing to his second win ahead of Bull with Baughan bagging third.

Result: 222 Matt Logan, 100 Russell Bull, 152 Robin Baughan, 393 Steve Fullwood, 118 Jason Anslow, 132 Chris Cullum, nof.

Next up was Birmingham’s annual Caravan race, which would lead into the DD. The novelty event saw just three entries, but 751 Andy Swinfield (Sapphire) certainly got into the Halloween spirit with an impressive paintjob on his van and two of his pit crew in costume firing water guns into the crowd on the parade lap! Swinfield began proceedings with an attack on 598 Jeff Howell (Sunny) only to roll his caravan onto its side beaching the Sapphire with its back wheels off the ground. Howell repaid the hit to allow Swinfield to rejoin as 471 Trevor Perry (Bluebird) took the win and the DD began. Howell rolled his own caravan which was trashed by Perry and Swinfield with the latter keeping going almost hidden by wreckage as Howell flattened his caravan. The rest of the drivers then got in the act with Cullum attacking Swinfield with Baughan then beaching himself on the latter’s trailer, while Locker gave Howell a monster length of the straight shot completely destroying the Sunny although thankfully Howell was able to exit OK. Locker took one in turn from Anslow as the Needle came under fire from Cullum who then hit Anslow before piling him into the home straight wall. The Needle then met Swinfield in a meaty head-on with Locker then wasting Swinfield with another massive shot only to finish his own car in the process. Cullum then attacked the Needle only to launch himself into a full roll with the Mondeo then catching fire to briefly bring the reds out. Cullum was OK and the event resumed with Baughan nailing the Needle and Anslow blasting Hoskin who had rejoined after being beached on the infield. The latter was then blasted by Baughan finishing him with Baughan then taking a stiff T-bone from the Needle, Anslow then hitting Baughan albeit unfortunately just as the Scrapyard Screamer exited his car. The reds came out to check on Baughan who was thankfully not seriously hurt, with the event awarded to Anslow.

Result: 471 Trevor Perry, 598 Jeff Howell, 751 Andy Swinfield. DD: 118 Jason Anslow from 152 Robin Baughan.

An unfortunate end to a cracking session, with some good hits in all three races followed by a hugely entertaining caravan event.

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